Supplying instruments for

  • ophthalmic surgery
  • cardiovascular surgery



Welcome to Line-gold

Line- Gold is specialized in Micro Surgical Instrumentation for
Ophthalmology and Cardiology.

We propose a range of high quality instruments, disposable and
reusable that responds to an increasing demand for
instrumentation adapted to the new surgical technologies.

The Line-Gold team attaches the highest importance to its
customers' satisfaction by offering them products and service of

Advantages of Single Use Surgical

  • Single use surgical material improves the safety of the surgical act itself, by eliminating the risks of cross contamination through surgical instruments.
  • No risks of discovering bent or damaged instruments at the time of the surgical procedure.
  • New instruments for each patient.
  • No loss of precision due to worn or damaged micro instruments.

Today, thanks to this single use microinstrumentation, surgeons are guaranteed of a new material for each procedure and of the same precision
necessary for micro surgical procedures.

New, clean and sterile single use micro instruments provide security, reliability and precision.